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Insane New Technology
March 26, 2007, 5:47 pm
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If real, this will revolutionize advertising, photography and just about every print medium in existence. David Berlind at Ziff-Davis is reporting on a new technology that will allow for high-speed, full-color prints.memjet

Inventor Kia Silverbrook has apparently created a technology that allows full color printing of up to 60 pages-per-minute at 1600dpi! Called “memjet” technology, it consists of a printhead covered with ink nozzles.


“Printheads are comprised of individual microchip segments, joined together into page-width printing systems. Each chip measures just 20mm across and contains 6,400 nozzles. The printheads incorporate five color channels that can be flexibly configured to meet the needs of diverse markets. The driver chip is an integrated printing system that calculates 900 million drops per second and drives 70,400 nozzles in a standard A4/letter printer, delivering color page-width printing at 60 pages per minute.”

There’s some question as to the accuracy of the reports, but you can see the video yourself here. If this turns out to be real, it has the potential to change the world, perhaps on the scale of Gutenberg.

Imagine printing images at that speed, brochures, banners… yikes!


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