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Photoshop CS3, Tiffen DFX, Illustrator & Flash CS3
October 30, 2007, 9:01 pm
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It has certainly been a while since I’ve added to this blog. Work and life has kept me from saying much of anything, however there’s some new stuff going on you should look into. Firstly, Tiffen has some plugin software for Photoshop that will greatly enhance your photographs.


Before After

Tiffen InterfaceThese pics dramatically express the abilities of the Tiffen DFX software. Its interface is quite intuitive and makes enhancing a quick job. I highly recommend that you take a look at it.


Now onto Photoshop CS3… The entire line of Adobe products has been updated as the Creative Suite 3. The majority of the changes seem cosmetic, at first, the interface freshened with a more vista-esque design and the dialog boxes more in the style of Photoshop Lightroom, but under the hood the software is faster, more responsive and provides quicker access to the tools I use on a daily basis. Keep in mind I’m using a Intel Core Duo 2 with 3Gigs of RAM, so don’t expect an old AMD 3200+ to run like a Ferrari.

Refine Edge That said, one of the most interesting features of the new Photoshop is the “Refine Edge” command that has replaced “Feather”. I used “feather” on a daily basis when outlining objects to pull from photos, specifically furniture or cars… now with the “Refine Edge” command I can control the edges of a selection to the Nth degree. No longer am i stuck with .5 pixel feathering, I can actually expand or shrink the edge by tiny increments allowing precise control of the selection edges! Plus the review mode allows you to see the selection in several different ways, as part of the entire image, over a red mask, on a white background etc.

Photoshop CS3Also, the method Adobe uses to tile the tool boxes is quite intuitive. I appreciate the ability to set them up in a ‘tray’ of sorts. And the ability to pull them out to other locations if need be (ala Lightroom).

Adobe Bridge is back . The light-box-like application that allows you to browse your photos and graphics and pull them into Photoshop, Illustrator, etc… in CS2 the implementation of this application was less than stellar. In fact, I hated it. Bridge used to be a slow memory hog that I only opened accidentally, much to my chagrin. Now the app is much more well behaved and plays well in being the central element in a multimedia system. Allowing collection and retrieval of photos etc easier.

Adobe Bridge

I hope to talk later about Illustrator CS3 and Flash CS3. The integration between these two made-for-each-other applications has finally been achieved. No longer does one have to jump through hoops to copy/paste between them, nor export outlines from Illustrator and attempt imperfect imports into Flash, now these two apps integrate nearly-seamlessly. Examples forthcoming!


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